Track Review: On the Roof // DUMB


DUMB are a garage rock band from Austin, Texas. Taking a grunge influence, their sound is energetic, and refreshing. Although debut album Live Fast Die Dumb was previously released on cassette, it recently received a proper release. This paved the way for the band’s second album Less, released two weeks ago, as well as the first single ‘On the Roof’.

‘On the Roof’ is raw, with heavy guitars that are reminiscent of Nirvana. Meanwhile the chorus is a slacker-style sing-along with distorted vocals.

It could be about escapism, forgetting life’s problems, and relaxing: “Drinking beers and tossing down empties, how can this night lose? / Roll me another, I feel like smoking, just sitting on the roof”. This brings a blissed out feel, evocative of a scene at the end of a party, demonstrating that DUMB can capture these moments so vividly.

‘On the Roof’ is a slice of infectious grunge with relatable lyrics. This concoction should win them a new audience, and see them onto bigger things.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos