Employed to Serve are a post-hardcore band with a strong grindcore influence. Describing themselves as “nasty hardcore”, they have a knack of mixing ferocious explosive screams with heavy, technical riffs, present on debut album, ‘Greyer Than You Remember’. The band will release their comeback album The Warmth of a Dying Sun’ in May, previewed by a taster track, “I Spend My Days – Wishing Them Away”.

‘I Spend My Days – Wishing Them Away’ contains some face-melting riffs. The technicality of the guitars packs a punch, while lyrically the band discuss anxiety and coming out of a comfort zone.

“Tunnel vision / This sick paranoia / I spend my days wishing them away”, Justine screams to a backdrop of dark guitars. This matches the anxious feel of the song, painting a vivid picture on how depression feels.

The repetitive bends throughout the song are so gnarly, the lead guitar bringing an atmospheric soundscape. These traits should help Employed to Serve gain a wider audience and head for bigger things in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos