Following the release of their second EP, imaginatively titled EP II, the Cambridge indie/alt guys are back with their first single of 2017 ‘Caffeine’.

‘Caffeine’ kicks off with a jovial, fun-loving and positive vibe which is maintained throughout the track. With a closer listen, a deeper, added cryptic side to the record is exposed underneath the carefree blissfulness of the music. The lyrics give out a sense of desperation, desirability to impress and confusion. “Work out who the fuck I am / and you don’t even want me”, really gives us the feel of that addictive sentiment of questioning; what are we doing and what else can we do to impress? The catchy chorus and upbeat melody, with interruptions of melancholy – “told me to shut my stupid mouth” is certainly a spin on the typical happy-go-lucky and bleak indie tracks out there, for The Rose Affair manages to pool both emotions into one.

The video released alongside the track uses a crafty continuous one-shot setup, yet still, enables us to see a progressing storyline to go along with this interesting single. If you’re wanting to check out The Rose Affair’s tracking shoot beauty of a video here. If this is an insight to their new growing sound in 2017 then they can only get more artistically intriguing, right?

Words by Georgina Truss.