Cameron AG is currently Oxford’s hottest export and the multi-instrumentalist is starting to make a lot of people sit up and take notice. Son of missionaries and raised in Nicaragua, there’s a streak of wanderlust in the dreamy ambience of his work.

Cameron’s become something of a pin-board for critical praise, with things really going into motion with debut track ‘Lost Direction’ chosen as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record In The World. His recently released EP Homeward Bound was also met with rave reviews, with the likes of DIY and NME heaping praise upon it.

Homeward Bound focuses on the kind of emotive issues that are deeply rooted in every listener, easy to draw parallels from and stir something within like on the shimmering title track. Having your heartstrings tugged isn’t for everyone, so any sceptics of Cameron will find merit in ‘Walk Your Line’, carrying righteous the punch of Ben Howard’s strongest work.

Cameron’s next live appearance will be at The Cellar, Oxford on 18th November and is a great chance to catch one of music’s hotshots in a surrounding that’s the perfect chance to fully embrace everything he is about.

Listen to the Homeward Bound EP in full below