Music is something you immediately associate with listening, and often ease. However, with a hearing impairment, this becomes a task. Previously, we published an article (that you can read here) highlighting The Midi Music Company, giving an insight into their work as a charity involving music lessons, recording opportunities and so on. In addition to this, The Midi Music Company have recently helped their very own Deaf Rave DJs and Sign Songs Rappers make their way to Lewisham People’s Day, where they performed. Once again, this shows The Midi Music Company opening doors into the exclusive music industry, with schemes and ideas that benefit everyone regardless of ability, age, ethnicity and so on. Below you can watch a video blog including performances and interviews from the Deaf Rave DJs and Sign Songs Rappers.

Other examples of defiance in this particular case include Evelyn Glennie, who having been profoundly deaf since the age of 12, is still a successful percussionist – playing over 100 gigs a year. Glennie has taught herself to hear using other body parts, and even published ‘Hearing Essay’ in which she talks about deafness and music. As well as this, Evelyn demonstrated how listening to music is more than simply listening in a video entitled ‘How to truly listen’, as well as giving some information on her condition. You can watch it below.

Personally, I do not have a hearing impairment, so I do find it difficult to relate to the experiences of those that do. However, through seeing videos and articles from the likes of the Deaf Rave DJs, Sign Songs Rappers, and Evelyn Glennie, I have been able to gain more of an insight into learning new ways of listening when unable to – hopefully you have too.

Words by Jasmin Robinson