Sunday, May 28, 2017

Ethan Herlock Laird

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Aspiring journalist who plays Pokemon, writes and waits for Frank Ocean's sophomore album instead of stressing over A Levels. Also writes for Radsound.

Film Review & Analysis: Moonlight

Moonlight was released in 2016 and was composed of a modest budget of $1.1 billion. Grossing 55 billion USD worldwide, it became the first...

Song Series Review: Steve Lacy’s Demo // Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy has done a lot considering his age: he's 18 and helped co-produce a Grammy nominated album called Ego Death and produced for...

TV Review: Atlanta

When Donald Glover dropped Because the Internet in 2013, its' perverseness and brutal description of consumption and how the internet transformed the dynamics of...

Filling In The Film: Akira

Released in 1988, the manga adaptation from creator Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira has remained one of the many spearheads in anime, reaching critical acclaim and...

Single Review: Fallback // Astroid Boys

It's palpable that grime and punk as genres are both driven by the energy of youth. Constructed by the sheer talent of the marginalized...

TV Review: High Maintenance

Nowadays, there’s an extraordinary culture shift in film and television as fearless actors, directors and writers shy away from the typical cardboard cut out...

Album Review: I’ll Forget 17 // Lontalius

It's completely suiting that Eddie Johnston named himself after a butterfly: Lontalius. At the tender age of 19, he's already gained support from Lorde...
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